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​I guess this is where we part ways

The goal with Counterpick was to let you explore new team compositions in League of Legends. A chase for the ultimate team, or finding compositions where underpowered champions could shine. With v1.1, Counterpick strengthened its credibility, analyzing 2,500,000 ranked games in order to make even better predictions. And it worked! But there were also setbacks. GDPR required more work than I would have thought, and just a couple months later, Riot Games decided to scrap the API we were using. We didn't even get the memo. Sadly, I simply do not have the time, focus or the money that's required to run Counterpick as of now, and I rather pull the plug than feeling anxious about it. For you who used Counterpick, to Osmosys for helping me creating it, and all others that supported me, thank you.


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